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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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just a few sprinkles and then we'll begin that clearing process as we head through 4:00. again no significant rain for the morning commute so i think weatherwise we're in pretty good shape. let's check the volume, any crashes out there? we have some great news, corey dierdorff checking on that closure at 275 and 54th avenue south telling us it's back open so it ended about a half-hour early. you are good to go there. and traffic up to speed on 275 over in pinellas county. traffic also up to speed here at 275 through downtown, just six minutes from here to the howard frankland. we have one crash reported now, in largo, i'm not seeing any roadblock or any delays here but it's at ulmerton and ridge roads. this just happened so you may see emergency vehicles, be careful if you're heading in that direction. let's check drive times on i-4, starting all the way back in the lakeland area around county line road, taking 22 minutes to get into downtown.
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road to 75 and seven minutes from 75 to 275. we're following breaking news. we're on the scene of a tragic fire in lakeland. firefighters found the bodies of two people and a dog in a burned out mobile home. witnesses called 911 just after 1:00 this morning to report flames shooting out of the roof and windows there. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is live now on old polk city road. is the sheriff's crime scene unit out there as well? >> reporter: two of them are out here and are working alongside fire investigators. i'll tell you from covering fires like this for many years that is not uncommon for them to be out here. one of their jobs is to prepare things for the medical examiner. their other job is to determine if their deaths, of the two people in the mobile home were suspicious. look at what is left of this mobile home. here at the front of the house, closest to us, that was the living room.
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in the back is the bedroom. fire investigators seem to be focusing more on the living else. they've been putting out hot spots overnight as well and they are trying basically to make this home safe for investigators to go inside. so they can further this investigation. of course at night now still very tough to see what is going on but we do know witnesses this morning. took the fire department 10 minutes to get here and another 10 to put out the fire. so 20 minutes from that 911 call until the time they put it out. again once firefighters went inside they found the bodies of a man and woman, there were four dogs and three of them survived. fire marshal, sheriff's office, none of them released the names of the victims. we do know they were both adults though, a man and woman here who died at this home in lakeland overnight.
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before we know where the fire started in the mobile home and even before we know a cause. as soon as we get new breaking details we'll bring them to you live. in lakeland, lindsay logue, abc action news. 5:33. some breaking news in the presidential race. hillary clinton and donald trump celebrating big victories this morning. clinton extended her delegate lead over bernie sanders winning seven states last night. donald trump also grew his delegate lead, he too winning seven states. >> i am a unifier, once we get all of this finished i am going to after one person, that is hillary clinton. >> so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. [jeering] that would be a disaster for republicans. >> democrat bernie sanders is still quite alive in the presidential race. the vermont senator won four states last night including his home state, checking the
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trump leads now with 315 delegates. 1,237 delegates are needed for the republican nomination. ted cruz now with 205 delegates, marco rubio coming in, in third place with 106. switch over here to the democratic side, hillary clinton now, her delegate total well over 1,000, 1,55 -- 1055. on the democratic side bernie sanders congress in with 418 delegates. the focus now shifts to florida. the primary just short of two weeks away, march 15th. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan now following that side of the story. >> reporter: political experts believe that the state of florida is a true test market to determine if a campaign can win nationwide so you can expect to see a lot more of these faces across your tv screens and political ads and in local communities over the next two weeks. many of these candidates are quietly ramping up their
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campaign offices opening and field operations picking up. 99 delegations up for grabs for the republicans and democrats are looking for 246 delegates. on the democratic side early polling indicates that florida favors former secretary of state hillary clinton because of the state's diversity. at this point clinton leads florida with more than six campaign offices that she's coming. on the republican side one person who is really counting on the state of florida of course is senator marco rubio. in fact in his super tuesday rally last night rubio vowed to win florida's primary. >> two weeks from tonight, right here in florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear! [ cheering and applause ] >> we are going to send the message that the party of lincoln and reagan and the presidency of the united states
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[ cheering and applause ] >> early polling numbers have shown that on the republican side donald trump is ahead in florida with marco rubio in second place. several media outlet's are also reporting that florida governor rick scott will be endorsing endorsement. as far as the democrats are concerned early polling numbers indicate hillary clinton will be on the winning side but we all know this is a fluid situation the next two weeks, this. again the florida primary is set for tuesday march 15th. for now reporting live in the control room, rodney dunigan, abc action news. right now palm harbor family hoping that you can help bring their loved one who may be in serious danger back home. pinellas deputies are worried about 35-year-old shane griffin because of his current mental state. we're told he needs medication that he might not have with him. he was last seen more than two weeks ago. his family says he might be wearing a superman short like this one in the photo. and driving a white dodge grand caravan. today hulk hogan's lawyers
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pool of just over 100 potential jurors for his $100 million legal fight. he's suing the web site gawker for releasing parts of his sex tape. there's a lot at stake for the web site which could go bankrupt if it loses. back in the courtroom with erin andrews, suing a hotel and her stalker for $75 million. that stalker, michael barrett who filmed andrews pleaded guilty in the case. the defense got the chance to cross examine andrews asking if the secret recordings hurt her career. andrews getting endorsements from various companies even after the videos but says her anxiety increased. >> i cover peepholes. i look for lights. i look for red lights. i look to see if it's cameras, i check the bed, the alarm clock, i check the phone. >> the defense also asking for the case to be dismissed but the judge said that trial will continue. more trouble for royal caribbean.
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cut its trip short because of bad weather and return to its home port for the second time in less than a month. that ship now returning to new jersey, trying to avoid a storm. dozens of passengers on board are also sick with the norovirus but royal caribbean is blaming the severe weather forecast for its return and not the virus. the passengers though say 10 people a day have gotten sick. >> you actually had to walk by the medical facility to get off the boat and the facility was jammed standing room only. literally just full of people. that's when we kind of went whoa, this is not good. >> the ship will dock in new jersey today, just a few weeks ago that same ship encountered hurricane-force winds and had to return to port. new this morning, florida leads the nation in a statistic no state wants. the highest number of motorcycle fatalities. quoting to the national highway traffic safety administration motorcyclists account for 1/5 of all vehicle fatalities in florida. those deaths are having a huge
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aaa says each motorcycle fatality costs nearly $1.5 million from lost productivity, medical and legal costs and property damage. aaa says the best thing to do is require motorcyclists to wear helmets. we're trying to protect ourselves from the mosquito- borne zika virus but this morning pasco county officials are highlighting something you may not have thought of that could play a role in spreading the virus. old car tires. they say illegal dumping has been a problem for years. health officials are warning that the tires could be a breeding ground for mosquitos that carry the virus. so they are asking everyone in the community to take action to keep the community safe. on sunday march 13th people with k drop off old tires free landfill. the ones abandoned tending to breeding grounds for mosquitos. >> once they are dumped they are usually not disturbed so the water remains in there,
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so it's a perfect breeding ground. >> the normal cost for disposal usually varies between $2 and $5 a tire. it feels a little more like mosquito weather as you wake up. temperatures in the 60s and humidity is higher. we have a front coming in. , a few sprinkles later today. it's not going to amount to much, just a brief light sprinkle, that would be about it. otherwise the trend is mostly cloudy and clearing by later today as a front comes in. we cool off tonight. i'll let you know by how much and what to expect heading into the weekend just ahead. still to come -- is south dakota on the brink of changing history? the governor makes a decision on a controversial bill regarding gender specific bathrooms. his decision is coming up. >> breaking overnight, train cars off the tracks in new york. what caused the derailment putting the morning commute in
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this is i-275 at jefferson moving through doesn't tampa. no problems to report. janelle is welcome back the traffic cameras and will have a full look at the morning commute. today a southwest ohio school district is going to open its doors once again to students after shooting earlier this week. classes at madison junior/senior high school will begin again this morning, that school is reopening just two days after 14-year-old austin
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cafeteria. this morning we're hearing from one of the victims injured by flying shrapnel. >> two pieces of shrapnel in my leg, one in my upper thigh and one in my calf. >> crisis counselors will be on hand today. the teen remains in juvenile detention after denying charges at a court hearing yesterday. this morning we're waiting to find out in a driver lost control and crashed into this restaurant near boston. restaurant. killing two people inside. witnesses say the driver didn't even hit the brakes before crashing into this busy restaurant last night. the impact killed two diners, injured seven more people. serious condition. police say the man behind the wheel and female passenger were both taken to the hospital. so far not clear what caused that crash. astronaut scott kelly is finally back on solid ground this.
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kelly and russian cosmonaut safely landing after 340 days in face. >> he basis a thumbs up. and despite the freezing temperatures he said the air feels great out here, i had no idea why you are all bundled up. >> what is it like to feel gravity now? >> he says he wants to feel grass under his feet. >> sand, grass, showers. baths. >> he says what you are looking forward to eating? >> i'm just looking forward to sitting around a dinner table. out. >> he flies back to houston today. >> if you have not checked him out on twitter, he tweeted over 1,000 pictures. spectacular imagery from space. of course being the weather geek i am, we have red auroras from the top there. you don't see those as often. they are on his page. temperatures now in the mid-60s on planet earth.
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we were in the 40s and 50s yesterday yesterday. a southwesterly wind will bring us drier air. back in the cool stuff tonight but the transition will bring clouds today, a few sprinkles but right now looking pretty good. you won't need the jacket today unless you're super sensitive. look at the dew point. we've been in the 20s, 30s, 40s with the humidity. now creeping up to the low 60s. that is getting us up towards the humidity side of things. you'll notice that change. with the moisture, the additional moisture we'll have a few patchy sprinkles, that is about it. by the way this is the front that brought the severe weather yesterday across the southeast. we're waiting to see what the tornado expensity was in alabama. but look at the tail end of the front. moving through with very quiet conditions. not expecting much in the way of severe weather or thunderstorms. again just light showers and they will be brief as they roll through. temperatures today in the 70s.
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then another quick mover here friday with a couple of light showers. and janelle setting up for a great weekend saturday, sunday. highs in the mid-70s. let's look outside, corey dierdorff behind the wheel of our live drive cam. on the veterans expressway, you can tell by all those cones out there. no problems out there, still have construction at waters underneath the veterans expressway. that is happening all week there shutting that down. looks like that is back open. checking drive times on the veterans expressway, 54 to 275 is 17 minutes. on the selmon expressway six minutes from i-75 to downtown and five minutes from dale mabry to channelside. checking your drive on i-75, this is through the brandon area, up to speed in both directions, these cars here are heading south, just about 15 minutes from apollo beach to i- 4. your drive over in pinellas county from bridge-to-bridge
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to speed in both directions. breaking overnight -- between 15 and 20 cars derailed overnight in ripley, new york. this is a train. conductor and engineer were the only on board when the accident happened. both ok this morning. officials though say at least two of the derailed cars were carrying ethanol and both were leaking. crews evacuated dozens of homes nearby as a precaution. the investigation now just getting underway into what caused it. sheriff grady judd under attack now for revealing too much in an undercover operation. advocates in the lgbt community say he outed four transgender women during a recent news conference about a prostitution sting. though the gender identity for suspects is public record advocates say judd didn't have to highlight them and humiliate them further. the sheriff doesn't see it that way saying all four in question had ads posted on
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pictures that they were transsexual. they outed themselves. >> advocates would like to see sheriff judd rep manned managedded. a bill that sparked much debate gets vietodes by a south dakota governor. to restrict access to certain restrooms and locker rooms in public schools requiring transgender students to use the bathe bathroom or locker room that is to their sex at birth. "if and when these rare situations arise i believe local school officials are best positioned to address them." supporters of the measure says it's not discriminatory but rather protection for all south dakota students.
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>> a battle over dress code so serious parents are taking the school to court. the current rules that say, they say put their kids in danger. >> also we're continuing to follow breaking news now in lakeland. you're looking live at the devastating scene, where a couple was found dead in a burning home early this morning. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is out there and talking with authorities. we'll check in with her live
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we have sprinkles later this afternoon, temperatures climbing into the mid-70s so not bad. cooler by tonight as the front comes in. details on all that next hour. a north carolina public charter school is being taken to court over its dress code. parents of three girls there say it's discriminatory because girls are not allowed to wear pants or shorts to school. the school's uniform policy says girls can only wear skirts, supreme court or jumpers -- scorts or jumpers. those are jumper dresses, except for special circumstances. the superintendent says the 1999 columbine shootings forced them to change their dress code and for "chivalry between men and women." parents say it's dangerous in the winter.
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>> she's so cold, she is crying she can't put on a skirt while boys can wear long underwear under their pants. >> an attorney for the school says it complies with north carolina state law when it comes to the uniform policy. also says the dress code doesn't discriminate against girls and says the parents and students know what is acceptable ahead of time. today is national read across america day. birthday today. later this morning, i'm reading my favorite "oh the places you'll go" to some school kids this morning. >> i thought you were going to read it to us. >> i could. >> that would be great. one of my favorites. "catcher in the rye" was mine. >> "only you." the national education association chose to be national read across america day for dr. seuss's birthday. the goal is to encourage teens and children to read.
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find a good book to check out today. still ahead -- lots of breaking news including the new charges a florida teen accused of playing doctor is now facing. the updates coming in within the last hour. >> we're staying on top of breaking news in lakeland now, you're looking live at the devastating scene there where abc action news anchor lindsay
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let's go to lindsay logue live along old polk city road with breaking news. do investigators know yet where this fire started? >> reporter: they have not told
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tell you the area with the most damage of this mobile home is going to be at the front of the home. take a look behind me, you can see it's charred from end to end but the end here closest to us, that was the living room and the next room is the kitchen. those are the two rooms that are destroyed. then towards the back of the mobile home that is where the bedrooms were. we did just get an update that the two people, adult man and the adult woman who were found in the home, they were in the bedroom areas and one of their dogs, of four, died in this home as well. that dog was found underneath one of the beds. witnesses called 911 just after 1:00 this morning, took firefighters 10 minutes to get here and when they got here they say 3/4 of the mobile home was on fire, flames shooting through the roof and out the windows and the doors. it took them another 10 minutes to put the fire out and once
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they found the bodies of the man and woman. fire investigators had taken a break for now, did just tell me they wrapped up the exterior part of their investigation and they've put out all the hot spots inside, now they are just waiting for the sun to come up before they can go into the home and start the investigation inside the mobile home. that is going to give them a better idea of where the fire started and what started it. the sheriff's crime scene unit, they are still on scene, that is very common. they are working to definitively determine how the man and woman died, was it in the fire or was it because of something else. that along with the cause of the fire is going to take another couple of hours, but we're getting updates from them every 15 to 30 minutes or so. and snags we get a new one we'll -- as soon as we get a new one we'll bring it live. again we'll check in with lindsay logue throughout the morning. we're also following some


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